Puja Details 2021

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Puja Details 2021

Jagadhatri Puja, an esteemed festival spanning five vibrant days from Sasthi to Dashami, holds a special place in the hearts of devotees. The pinnacle of this celebration typically unfolds on the seventh day. Much like the grandeur of Kolkata's revered Durga Puja and Barasat's cherished Kali Puja, Chandannagar shines brightly for its elaborate and culturally rich Jagadhatri Puja festivities. The city comes alive with colorful decorations, radiant illuminations, and a spirit of devoutness that unites both locals and visitors, fostering an atmosphere steeped in religious significance and communal harmony.

Number of Total Jubilees: 9

Sl. No.Puja NameUnder P. S.YearsCelebratingDetails
1Barasat GateChandannagar75Platinum Jubilee
2Hatkhola MansatalaChandannagar60Diamond Jubilee
3Subhas Jagaran Sangha, TemathaChandannagar60Diamond Jubilee
4KundughatChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
5BoraichanditalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
6Mohila SamityChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
7Suksanatantala, BishalakkhitalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
8Sramikpally Laldighir DharChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
9Bhadreswar Station Road ChowmathaBhadreswar50Golden Jubilee

Number of Total Jubilees: 16

Sl. No.Puja NameUnder P. S.YearsCelebratingDetails
1Yuba Sampraday, Boro ChampatalaChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
2UrdibazarChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
3BarabazarChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
4GopalbagChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
5DuplexpattyChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
6Narua SarkarparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
7BindubasiniparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
8Dharapara Mandirtala (Madhyanchal)Chandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
9Hatkhola DaibakparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
10KrishnapattyBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
11Bhadreswar Jagadhatri Sporting ClubBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
12Kheyali SanghaBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
13Youth Corner, Library RoadBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
14SabinaraChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
15DharaparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
16Narua BoropukurdharChandannagar24Pre Silver Jubilee