Puja 2021

In 2021, Jagadhatri Puja will be observed on Tuesday, 10th November. Main Jagadhatri puja is celebrated over five days from Sasthi to Dashami. This year it will start on 10th November and continue up to 14th November. Chandanagar is famous for Jagadhatri Puja like Kolkata Durga Puja and Barasat famous for Kali Puja.

Number of Total Jubilees : 10

SL. No.Name of the Puja CommitteesUnder P. S.YearsCelebrating
1.Bagbazar BaburpukurdharChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
2.Barasat GateChandannagar75Platinum Jubilee
3.BoraichanditalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
4.ChutarparaChandannagar60Diamond Jubilee
5.Hatkhola MansatalaChandannagar60Diamond Jubilee
6.KundughatChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
7.Mohila SamityChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
8.Sramik Pally LaldighirdharChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
9.SuksanatantalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
10.Bhadreswar ChowmathaBhadreswar50Golden Jubilee

Number of Total Pre Jubilees : 16

SL. No.Name of the Puja CommitteesUnder P. S.YearsCelebrating
1.BarabazarChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
2.Bindubasini ParaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
3.DharaparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
4.Dharapara MadhyanchalChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
5.DuplexpattiChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
6.GopalbagChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
7.Hatkhola DoibakparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
8.Narua SarkarparaChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
9.Narua Boro PukurdharChandannagar24Pre Silver Jubilee
10.SabinaraChandannagar49Pre Golden Jubilee
11.UrdibazarChandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
12.Yuba Sampraday (Boro Chapatala)Chandannagar59Pre Diamond Jubilee
13.Bhadreswar Jagadhatri SportingBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
14.Kheyali SanghaBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
15.Telinipara KrisnapattiBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee
16.Youth Corner, Library RoadBhadreswar49Pre Golden Jubilee

Number of Total Post Jubilees : 10

SL. No.Name of the Puja CommitteesUnder P. S.YearsCelebrating
1.BoidyapontaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
2.Boro Kalitala BylaneChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
3.Circus MathChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
4.Duplexpatty KultalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
5.MadhyanchalChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
6.RathersarakChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
7.SarishaparaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
8.TantirbaganChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
9.Bhagar More ChowmathaChandannagar25Silver Jubilee
10.Shetpur, Bhadreswar Delhi RoadBhadreswar25Silver Jubilee

No.Date (English Calender)Date (Bengali Calender)DayTithi
Day 110th November, 2020২৩শে কার্তিক, ১৪২৮WednesdayMaha Sosti
Day 211th November, 2020২৪শে কার্তিক, ১৪২৮ThursdayMaha Saptami
Day 313th November, 2020২৫শে কার্তিক, ১৪২৮FridayMaha Asthami
Day 413th November, 2020২৬শে কার্তিক, ১৪২৮SaturdayMaha Nabami
Day 514th November, 2020২৭শে কার্তিক, ১৪২৮SundayMaha Dashami

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