Puja 2016

In 2016, Jagadhatri Puja will be observed on Sunday, 6th November. Main Jagadhatri puja is celebrated over four days from Saptami to Dashami. This year it will start on 6th November and continue up to 10th November. Chandanagar is famous for Jagadhatri Puja like Kolkata Durga Puja and Barasat famous for Kali Puja.

Number of Total Jubilees : 12

SL. No.Name of the Puja CommitteesUnder P. S.YearsCelebrating
1.AngusBhadreswar50Golden Jubilee
2.Barasat Garerdhar Balak SamityChandannagar25Silver Jubilee
3.Bhadreswar Station Road Babsayi SamityBhadreswar60Diamond Jubilee
4.Bhadreswar ChaldatalaBhadreswar50Golden Jubilee
5.Bhadreswar Gate BazarBhadreswar60Diamond Jubilee
6.Bhadreswar NimtalaChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
7.Bibirhat UttaranchalChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
8.BidyalankarChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
9.Gondalpara MansatalaChandannagar75Platinum Jubillee
10.Gondalpara SatghataChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
11.KalpukurdharrChandannagar50Golden Jubilee
12.Mankundu SportingChandannagar50Golden Jubilee

Number of Total Pre Jubilees : 11

SL. No.Name of the Puja CommitteesUnder P. S.YearsCelebrating
1.Aurobindo Sangha, BarasatChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
2.Bibirhat CharaktolaChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
3.Boro SarbojaninChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
4.Gondolpara Notun Tili GhatChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
5.Gondolpara A.C. Chaterjee LaneChandannagar74Pre – Platinum Jubilee
6.Gondolpara Radhanath Sikder RoadChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
7.Khalisani BowbazarBhadreswer49Pre – Golden Jubilee
8.Koedbeltola Balak SanghaBhadreswer49Pre – Golden Jubilee
9.Lalbagan PadriparaChandannagar49Pre – Golden Jubilee
10.Telinipara Neheru BidyapithBhadreswer49Pre – Golden Jubilee

No.Date (English Calender)Date (Bengali Calender)DayTithi
Day 16th November, 201620 Kartik, 1423SundayMaha Sosti
Day 27th November, 201621 Kartik, 1423MondayMaha Saptami
Day 38th November, 201622 Kartik, 1423TuesdayMaha Asthami
Day 49th November, 201623 Kartik, 1423WednesdayMaha Nabami
Day 510th November, 201624 Kartik, 1423ThursdayMaha Dashami
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